"Main intention for my mural paintings is, that they resonate with their environment"

Uwe Rachow has studied visual arts at Kunstakademie Berlin/Germany where he achieved the “Meisterschüler” with Prof. Bachmann in 1988. 



... he works independently as artist.

For his art works he was awarded with the prestigious German art award of „Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken“ in 1996, the „Bergischer Kunstpreis“ in

2001, a scholarship of the foundation „Kunstfonds BRD“ in 2006, among others.

Besides, he applies his unique skills and experience in painting in commissioned projects of architecture, museum and gallery installations, film or public spaces. Here he has worked together with internationally acclaimed architects, curators and urban planners, such as Iranian architect and artist Kamran Diba, German artist Bazon Brock, townhalls of various German cities, film maker Rajele Jain, among others. 

His technical and visually high demands distinguishes his wall painting/works from most other works which can be found in urban spaces. As it can be seen in this website, he favours to challenge

the perception of the viewer while at the same time providing paintings of astonishing quality.